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Horizon Beers is committed to executing exceptional representation of the world's best premium and trappist beers, and strives to keep expanding its portfolio to include many more exciting products.
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In order to help you grow your business, our carefully selected experts can advise you in in the following areas:
Freshest Product
Providing the freshest quality beers available straight from Belgium and Europe.
Trade Marketing
Executing breakthrough trade marketing programs, LTOs and promotions.
Customer Service
Offering first-class support, product knowledge, and customer service.

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Meet the people that are going to take your business to the next level.
Jennifer Musey
Jennifer Musey

Sales | Vancouver, British Columbia

jennifer@horizonbeers.com 604.725.9696

    Drew Morin
    Drew Morin

    Sales | Calgary, Alberta

    drew@horizonbeers.com 403.801.0213

      Kyle Osland
      Kyle Osland

      Sales Manager | Ontario

      kyle@horizonbeers.com 416.732.0899

        Josh Chamberlin-Vandervalk
        Josh Chamberlin-Vandervalk

        Sales | Ottawa, Ontario

        josh@horizonbeers.com 613.558.9894

          Mylene Wei
          Mylene Wei

          Logistics and Trade Show Coordinator

          mylene@horizonbeers.com FAX 403.675.7297

            Laurie Smith
            Laurie Smith



              Charlie Lens
              Charlie Lens



                Filip Lens
                Filip Lens


                filip@horizonbeers.com info@horizonbeers.com

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