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Horizon Beers hosted a number of SAIT students traveling to Belgium to help give them a real taste of Belgium food, culture and BEER.  It is our pleasure to use such an opportunity to give back to the community – a truly enjoyable trip it was.  Here is a quick note from Danielle Radke, Instructor of Hospitality and Tourism for SAIT:

Dear Bram, Dear Karel, Dear Filip,

  First of all, the most sincerest of “Thank you’s” to all involved for making our visit truly unforgettable.

  We are back from our fast and furious study tour of three beautiful European countries and I must say that Duvel and Liefmans were the hit of the parade. They even beat out a 6 hour dining experience at a 2 Michelin star restaurant in popularity. Well done!

  Thank you to all involved for your incredible generosity and hospitality. I can assure you all that upon return I have unleashed 41 branded beer ambassadors on Western Canada. For the duration of our study tour, post breweries, if I saw anyone drinking a beer, it was definitely one of your offerings!

  From start to finish, you all worked so hard and provided the most amazing opportunity for our community to come together and learn in such a dynamic fashion. It will certainly be something to remember for a lifetime.

  We were amazed by the scale and beauty of both breweries for very different reasons. Both were exactly that- amazing. The beers, the cheeses, and the people we met at each brewery made the experience so much more than we could have ever expected.

  I know that personally, I will be increasing my course offerings to include more Belgian product than I currently have (which is already substantial as I love to talk about your products already!) and can’t wait to introduce another 160 students to your beers this upcoming school year.

  You have enriched my experience and knowledge as an instructor as well as the lives of our graduates and returning students. Thank you.

  I look forward to staying in touch. Please let me know if there is anything I can ever do for you. And if those of you across the pond ever come for a visit here, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would love to show you our city and our hospitality.



Danielle Radke


School of Hospitality and Tourism

SAIT Polytechnic

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