Orval is a Belgium Trappist brewery located within the walls of the Abbey Notre-Dame d'Orval.

At Orval the combination of production methods which they thought up is nowhere else to be found. Several of these methods, such as the infusion brewing and the "dry-hopping"are english. This results in a beer whose characteristic aroma and taste owe more to the hops and to the yeasts than to the malts. In the same way as the secret of brewing, the specific beer-glass, the bottle and the label, which we still know today, are witnesses to the origins

Orval- is a 6.2% trappist beer first made in 1931.  It has a complex, unusual flavor and aroma produced by a unique strain of yeast.  This beer is light in color and slightly cloudy. A complex aroma of leather, spice and many other earthy components can be noted.