In 1997, America's most unique microbrewery Ommegang was born in Cooperstown, NY. It has always carried the philosophy that truly unique ales must be built from the ground up. Now brewing five award-winning Belgian-style ales, Ommegang is the place where brewing is an art.

It was clear by the end of the 20th century that America's tastes were evolving; there was a want for something different from the average mass-produced beers. In 2003, Duvel Moortgat purchased this brewery and Ommegang is continued to be produced in New York.

Product # Product Name ml/bottle bottles/case RateBeer
745648 Ommegang Witte 750 12 90RB
745575 Ommegang Hennepin 750 12 97RB
745578 Ommegang Rare Vos 750 12 95RB
745574 Ommegang Abbey Ale 750 12 99RB
745560 Ommegang BPA (Belgian Pale Ale) 750 12 97RB
745576 Ommegang Three Philosophers 750 12 99RB
746822 Ommegang Hennepin 355 6x(4x355) 97RB
746827 Ommegang Rare Vos 355 6x(4x355) 95RB
746823 Ommegang Three Philiosphers 355 6x(4X355) 99RB
746828 Ommegang Witte 355 6x(4X355) 90RB
746812 Ommegang Abbey Ale 355 6X(4X355) 99RB
746811 Ommegang BPA 355 6X(4X355) 97RB