Unique Bavarian wheat beer

The careful selection of the finest wheat and barley malt gives Maisel's Weisse its bright reddish amber color and the generations of brewers traditional method of bottle fermentation with brewing yeast from our own purebred gives it its unique character. The fresh smell of lees and pleasant fruity notes when Antrunk connects with the mild spiciness of malt, fruit and clove aroma and a touch of nutmeg. Then unfolds in the aftermath of the Maisel's Weisse typical, slightly fruity, spicy wheat beer flavor.

Tasting Notes:
Peachy colour with a very fruity aroma and flavour with suggestions of apples and bananas. A fluffy, textured middle and a tart refreshing finish.

Product # Product Name ml/bottle bottles/case RateBeer
747285 Maisel's Original Weisse 500 20 93
747286 Maisel's Dunkle Weisse 500 20 83
11 Maisel's Original Weisse 30L keg 93
11 Maisel's Dunkle Weisse 30L keg 88