Since 1679, Liefmans is one of the cult breweries of the great Belgian beer country. Liefmans’ distinctive flavours derive from the process of mixed fermentation, in open vessels, a blending of young and old beers and bottle-aging in the cellars at Oudenaarde. Its Liefmans yeast strain that gives their beer its unique character. It has been developed over the centuries and has many contributors: the local water, extremely low ceilings in the fermenting room that impact temperature and the help of wild yeast in the atmosphere.

Following a week of fementation, the beer is conditioned in a warm cellar then cold conditioned for 2 weeks prior to blending.  All the beers are a blend of young and mature beers and natural fruit.


Product # Product Name ml/bottle bottles/case RateBeer
743616 Liefmans Fruitesse 250 6 x (4 x 250)
738075 Liefmans Fruitesse 250 24
738076 Liefmans Cuvee Brut 3.75 12 97RB
738077 Liefmans Goudenband 750 12 98RB
739964 Liefmans Fruitesse Keg 20 L