The Achouffe brewery was founded in 1982 and is nestled in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes. The brewery specializes in high quality beers.

La Chouffe is an unfiltered golden blonde ale whose freshness and fruity taste make it really stand out.

Houblon Chouffe was first brewed in 2006 and is an IPA type of beer with a harmonious balance between marked bitterness and pleasant fruitiness.

Mc Chouffe rightly deserves its "Scotch of the Ardennes" title. Its dark, full flavored texture is reminiscent of its Scottish cousins.

Product # Product Name ml/bottle bottles/case RateBeer
157800 La Chouffe Golden Ale 330 24 98RB
157792 La Chouffe Golden Ale 750 12 98RB
157859 Houblon Dobbelen IPA Tripel 330 24 99RB
157834 Houblon Dobbelen IPA Tripel 750 12 99RB
157826 Mc Chouffe Dark Ale 330 24 97RB
157818 Mc Chouffe Dark Ale 750 12 97RB
157867 N'Ice Chouffe Christmas 750 12 97RB
15917 La Chouffe Golden Ale Keg 20L 1 98RB
15941 Houblon Chouffe Keg 20L 1 99RB
15933 Mc Chouffe Dark Ale Keg 20L 1 97RB