Chimay has been brewed since 1862 and is an authentic trappist product. Unique yeast cells dating back to 1948 have been isolated and are still used to form the brewing basis for all chimay beers.

Chimay Red- is the oldest of the Chimays. It has a beautiful coppery color topped with a creamy head.  It gives off a slight, fruity apricot smell from the fermentation.

Chimay Blue- called the "Grande Reserve". A dark trappist beer with powerful aroma and complex flavor which only improves across the years. Best served at 10 - 12 degrees

Chimay Triple- The "last born" of the Abbey called Cinq-cents. Its golden in color with a combo of sweet and bitter in a rare balance. Best served at 6 - 8 degrees

Now take a bottle of Chimay and pop the top. Breathe it in. The beer is already releasing its subtle aroma. Then let this unmatched fluid slowly pour into a beer glass and merely close your eyes and enjoy it.

This is not a simple beer; this is a Chimay Trappist, a traditional Belgian beer that you are tasting!