When German troops occupied the monastery of Achel during World War One they observed the conventions of military conflict. As the monastery straddles the border between Belgium and the Netherlands, the Germans seized only the Belgian side, as the Netherlands was neutral. Decency stopped there: the Germans dismantled the copper vessels from the monks’ brewery and took them back to the Fatherland to turn into armaments for the war effort.

Brewing halted at Achel until 1998 when a new brewhouse was built in a former dairy and the monks joined the “Famous Five” Belgian Trappist breweries of Chimay, Orval, Rochefort, Westmalle and Westvleteren.

The bottled beers are all refermented in bottle with a different yeast culture.

There are two 8% beers, one blond and one brown. The Blond is brewed with Pils malt and brewing sugar, Saaz and Tradition hops – the hop varieties are common to all the beers – and 27 IBUs.
It has a pronounced pear fruit nose, juicy malt and spicy hops in the mouth, and a long, quenching finish. 

The Brown is commonly described as “our Bordeaux”. Roasted malt and brown sugar are blended with Pils malt. It has a massive fruit bouquet – raisins and sultanas – along with biscuity malt. The long, bittersweet palate and finish have rich, chewy malt, tart hops and burnt fruit (23 IBUs).



Product # Product Name ml/bottle bottles/case RateBeer
720937 Trappist Achel Blond 330 24 98RB
720938 Trappist Achel Bruin 330 24 98RB